Puro Sound Labs Studio Grade In-Ear Monitors with Dual Dynamic Drivers IEM500

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Puro Sound Labs Studio Grade In-Ear Monitors with Dual Dynamic Drivers IEM500


Introducing the IEM500 in-ear monitors from Puro Sound Labs, the Healthy Ears company. Our IEM500 earphones are packed with patent-pending technology that eliminates the muddy bass inherent in in-ear monitors. It’s that bass that clobbers vocal frequencies that let you listen to music and phone conversations at safe volume levels. You have Puro Sound Lab’s IEM500, in-ear headphones that deliver studio-quality sound in a small package, are comfortable to wear and look really cool.

Dual Dynamic Driver Phase-Optimized System :

These earphones have two dynamic, custom drivers, a woofer and a tweeter, in each channel. The phase-optimized system is tuned to eliminate the increased mid-bass energy that is inherent to in-ear devices. It’s a patent-pending methodology that provides a very elegant solution to this problem at an affordable price.

Immaculate Studio Grade Sound :

When you add our signature Puro Balanced Response curve to the tuned drivers, the end result is the most neutral sounding earphone in the market with crystalline vocals, and full, rich bass. And none of the frequency masking that makes listeners turn up the volume to unsafe levels.

Fantastic Seal Blocks Background Noise :

The third component in the technology that makes this product so amazing is noise attenuation. To be exact, 94% attenuation at 1 KHz. The IEM500 comes with 5 different ear tips so that you can get the perfect fit for long duration wearing comfort. The combination of the correct size tip for your ear, and the shape and materials of the chassis, gives these in-ear monitors a glove-like fit that seals out background noise. That’s important because a great seal makes great sound that much better.

In-Line Microphone and More :

The microphone built in to these earphones is also a cut above the industry standards with high sensitivity and flat frequency response. You’ll sound great when using it on conference calls. The IEM500 comes with a TPE cable that eliminates the noise that can be generated with other cables when they brush against clothing. You’ll also love the way the IEM500 is packaged: in a soft, protective Puro sock. You have to see it to appreciate the innovation.

Features :

-Dual Dynamic drivers with patent-pending phase optimization

-Puro Balanced Response curve balancing bass, mids, and highs for impeccable sound reproduction

-5 pairs of comfortable silicone ear tips for a custom fit and tight noise-blocking seal

-Premium knurled aluminum chassis with a stylish look and functional design

-High-quality inline microphone with one-button remote, Apple and Android compatible controls

-One year warranty and satisfaction guarantee with 30-day return policy

Specifications :

-Dual driver configuration with low distortion (<1% THD)

-Titanium 5.8mm tweeter and 8mm woofer for full range accuracy

-Ambient noise attenuation 94% at 1 kHz

-Output 106 dB

-Dynamic range 20Hz – 20kHz with <1% total harmonic distortion

-Lightweight aluminum and high-grade plastic construction

Included in the Box :

-Puro IEM500 In-Ear Monitors with Inline Microphone and Remote

-Five pairs of comfortable silicon tips

-Tangle-free Travel Sock

-Quick Start Guide