Original HP Envy 13 Envy 15 65 Watt AC Adapter HSTNN-DA11 517199-001

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NEW Original HP Envy 13 Envy 15 65 Watt AC Adapter HSTNN-DA11 517199-001 ADP-65LH BA Input: 100-240V ~ 1.5A 50-60Hz 19V - 3.42A 65W Beware of fake aftermarket AC adapters which may cause damge to your laptop and void your manufacturer warranty.VE023AA - Original Genuine HP Envy Series 65W Laptop AC AdapterEnergy Star qualified to help protect the environment. HP Envy 13 AC adapters are energy-efficient because they are designed by HP to draw minimal power. While not being utilized by the notebook but still plugged in this adapter is 75% more efficient compared to other 65W AC Adapters.Compatible Models:HP Compaq Envy 13-1001tx, 13-1002tx, 13-1003xx, 13-1004tx, 13-1005tx, 13-1006tx, 13-1007ev, 13-1007la, 13-1007tx, 13-1008tx, 13-1010er, 13-1015er, 13-1030ca, 13-1030nr, 13-1050ea, 13-1050ef, 13-1050eg, 13-1050es, 13-1099eo, 13-1099xl, 13-1940ez, 13t-1000 CTO, 13-1100ea, 13-1101tx, 13-1102tx, 13-1103tx, 13-1104tx, 13-1130nr, 13-1140ez, 13-1150ef, 13-1150es, 13-1190eg, 13-1190eo, 13-1195eo, 13t-1100 CTO, 13-1001xx, 13-1003txHP Compaq Envy 15-1000se CTO Beats Limited Edition, 15-1001tx, 15-1002tx, 15-1003tx, 15-1007ev, 15-1009tx, 15-1011tx, 15-1013tx, 15-1014tx, 15-1015tx, 15-1020er, 15-1021tx, 15-1022tx, 15-1030ef, 15-1040er, 15-1050ca, 15-1050es, 15-1050nr, 15-1055se Beats Limited Edition, 15-1060ea, 15-1066nr, 15-1067nr, 15-1080ea, 15-1090eg, 15-1099eo, 15-1099xl, 15-1970ez, 15t-1000 CTO, 15-1001xx, 15-1002xx, 15-1007tx, 15-1008xx, 15-1018tx, 15-1019tx, 15-1101tx, 15-1102tx, 15-1102xx, 15-1103tx, 15-1104tx, 15-1106tx, 15-1107tx, 15-1108tx, 15-1109br, 15-1109tx, 15-1110ea, 15-1111tx, 15-1112tx, 15-1114tx, 15-1130ef, 15-1150es, 15-1150nr, 15-1155nr, 15-1170ez, 15-1190eo, 15-1195eo, 15t-1100 CTO, 15t-1100se CTO Beats Limited Edition, 15t-1200 CTO, 15-1270ca, 15-1004tx, 15-1005tx, 15-1008tx, 15-1010tx, 15-1012tx, 15-1016tx, 15-1017tx, 15-1020tx, 15-1055se, 15-1105tx