New Genuine IBM Thinkpad AC Adapter 02K6677

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New Genuine IBM Thinkpad AC Adapter 02K6677 IBM Thinkpad Lenovo A, R, T, & X Series 72 Watt Laptop AC Adapter Supports The ThinkPad A I T and X Series Systems Output: 16V ~ 4.5A - 72-WattCompatible Models:IBM Thinkpad 1400,IBM Thinkpad 1500,IBM Thinkpad 1700,IBM Thinkpad 200,IBM Thinkpad 300,IBM Thinkpad 500,IBM Thinkpad 600,IBM Thinkpad 700,IBM Thinkpad A20,IBM Thinkpad A30,IBM Thinkpad i1200,IBM Thinkpad i1300,IBM Thinkpad i1400,IBM Thinkpad i1500,IBM Thinkpad i1700,IBM Thinkpad i1800,IBM Thinkpad R30,IBM Thinkpad R40,IBM Thinkpad R50,IBM Thinkpad T20,IBM Thinkpad T30,IBM Thinkpad T40,IBM Thinkpad X20,IBM Thinkpad X30,IBM Thinkpad X40,Thinkpad A20M,Thinkpad A20P,Thinkpad A21e Type 2628 Thinkpad A21e Type 2655,Thinkpad A21M,Thinkpad A21P,Thinkpad A22e,Thinkpad A22M,Thinkpad A22P,Thinkpad A30,Thinkpad A30P,Thinkpad A31,Thinkpad A31P,Thinkpad i Series 1200 Type 1161,Thinkpad i Series 1300 Type 1171,Thinkpad i Series 1400 Type 2611,Thinkpad i Series 1400 Type 2621,Thinkpad i Series 1500 Type 2611,Thinkpad i Series 1500 Type 2621,Thinkpad i Series 1720,Thinkpad R30,Thinkpad R31,Thinkpad R32,Thinkpad R40,Thinkpad R40e,Thinkpad R50,Thinkpad R50e,Thinkpad R50p,Thinkpad R51,Thinkpad S30,Thinkpad S31,Thinkpad T20,Thinkpad T21,Thinkpad T22,Thinkpad T23,Thinkpad T30,Thinkpad T40,Thinkpad T40p,Thinkpad T41,Thinkpad T41p,Thinkpad T42,Thinkpad T42p,Thinkpad X20,Thinkpad X21,Thinkpad X22,Thinkpad X23,Thinkpad X24,Thinkpad X30,Thinkpad X31,Thinkpad X40,