Dell Inspiron 518 519 Power Supply 300W D382H

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Dell Inspiron 518 519 Power Supply 300W XW600

This power supply has the following connectors:
1 x 24 Pin ATX Main Power Connector
1 x 4 Pin ATX +12V Power Connector
4 x Sata Power Connector

Compatible Part #'s:

XW600, XW601, 9V75C, C411H, CD4GP, D382H, DVWX8, FFR0Y, GH5P9, H056N, H057N, HT996, J036N, K932C, N183N, N184N, N189N, N383F, N385F, P981D, PKRP9, R215C, R850G, R851G, RJDR3, XW596, XW597, XW598, XW599, Y359G, YX309, YX445, YX446, YX448, YX452, 6R89K, F77N6, R850G, R851G, YX309, DG1R8, DPS-300AB-24 G, DPS-300AB-24 B, HP-P3017F3, D300R002L, HP-P3017F3LF, PS-5301-08, DPS-300AB-47, PS-6301-6, HP-P3017F3 3LF, DPS-300AB-36 B, ATX0300D5WB Rev X3, HP-P3017F3P, DPS-300A B-26 A, 04G185015510DE,PC6037, PS-6301-6, DOS-300AB-36B, PS6301-02, PA-5301-08, DPS-200AB-26, 04G185015610DE, DPS-300AB-24B, DOS-300AB-36B, PC6037, D300R002L.

Compatible Models:

Dell Inspiron 518, 519, 530, 531, 537, 540, 541, 545, 546, 560, 570, 580.
Dell Vostro 200, 201, 220, 400.
**This power supply only works with the Mini Tower (MT) versions of the models listed.